Amendment Request for AEEC Approved Projects

Amendment Request for AEEC Approved Projects

Please provide completed forms with justification and references (if applicable) to reduce time for extra communications.

This form shall be completed by the principal investigator or his/her designee of the approved project.

Before completing this form, please read the "Animal Experimentation Regulations at The Chinese University of Hong Kong."

Personnel Amendment can be done by submitting Form PA-1 and PA-2 to the AEEC Secretariat at

Please note the following amendments CANNOT be requested using this process:
- Change in the animal species used
- Adding procedures that do not logically relate to the specific aims of the original protocol
- Unrelated change in the scientific aims of the original protocol application
- Switching from non-survival to survival surgery
- Switching from single to multiple survival surgeries on the same animal

A new protocol application must be submitted to incorporate any of the above changes, as the AEEC is required to review new issues arising related to animal welfare.